Read what customers have to say after they’ve used the FlyHigh fire starter.

“You guys remember that camping trip with the kids and all the mishaps? Well I wanted to give a shoutout to this company for making and kick ass product. I will never camp without these and you shouldn’t either! They started our fire while it was raining in just a few minutes. Plus the kids didn’t think I could make it happen, it’s always a bonus to prove them wrong so thank you FlyHigh Premium Fire Starters!”

Christie B.
Westminster, CO

“I have enjoyed using my Fly High Fire Starters. I burn a wood stove daily. They give me a first time every time fire. No smoke, no paper, and a guaranteed start.”

Randy A.
Sun Valley, Idaho

“I loved watching the moss burn. It lit up easily, burned well, and lasted through wind and rain.”


“Having trouble starting fire? Try Fly High fire cubes. It is so easy, clean, and long lasting that you don’t have to use any oil based starters! I am an old Ohio farmer and I heat my house with wood. Been doing it for years so I know what I’m talking about!”


“I put one fire cube outside on top of a damp weed pile. I lit the moss and the flame took off. When the wax melted down over all the damp wood the flame followed. This one fire starter started and kept the pile lit. It was amazing! Thank you Fly HIGH!”